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ibarre+ live workouts are the fun way to tone your body and improve your health and energy!

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You'll Love Our Workouts


Emma B

"I regularly lift heavy weights and yet I have never felt my glutes and quads activate like they do in a barre class. The classes are challenging and extremely well explained. I cannot recommend barre+ highly enough. My new favourite workout for toned slim legs!”


Elisabeth D

“I love joining the ibarre classes because Carla is so enthusiastic that as well it being a challenging workout for the whole body, it’s so good fun and a great mood booster! A variety of class times accommodates perfectly to fit around my full time job."


Catherine M

“Carla's classes are fab. Just the right balance of challenging yet achievable and always different. Carla is encouraging, motivating and always makes you smile! The live zoom classes keep me motivated as though it's actually in person. Would highly recommend!"

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Start your 7 day trial to get access to 7 live Zoom classes and a free private consultation.

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Benefits of barre+

Full Body Workout

Most barre classes focus on arms, core, legs, and glutes so you can expect a fairly well-rounded, toning workout. They target muscles in specific ways that aren't necessarily used in everyday movement.

Strengthen and Tone Muscles

Barre+ helps strengthen and tone your muscles without increasing bulk. It integrates the fat-burning format of interval training with muscle shaping isometrics to quickly and safely reshape your entire body.

Improve Flexibility and Agility

Barre classes focus on developing strength and flexibility from the ankles up through the calves, knees, thighs, glutes and abdominals. Holding muscles in contraction for extended periods can improve flexibility over time.

Improve Posture

Through movements that target muscle groups in the chest and shoulders, barre certainly prevents any slouching. You will gradually see improvements to your posture with barre classes.

Regain Fitness

Repetitions tend to be high in barre classes. This is the perfect technique for staying energised, whilst the low-impact aspect of barre will increase your fitness levels.

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