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about me


Fitness has always been a big part of my life. I qualified as a certified and insured YMCA Fitness Instructor in 2003, I used to consider myself a “gym bunny” until I suffered a blood clot on my leg several years ago. Not being able to exercise for 6 months seemed like a life sentence at the time. This, combined with my busy schedule, inevitably led to not exercising becoming the norm in recent years. Whilst I have always remained active (I am not good at sitting down unless it involves the sun, a hot pool and a good book), my passion for intensive fitness training faded over time.  


I accidentally stumbled upon barre which reignited my passion for exercise and it came back with a vengeance! This specialised workout technique not only taught me how to work my muscles in a completely different way but also inspired me to participate in an 8 week intensive fitness and nutritional challenge with my other half. During that time, I had the opportunity to meet some amazing inspirational coaches who, without even realising it at the time, inspired me to share my love for barre with others. 

As a registered barre+ trainer, I am passionate in everything I do and enjoy sharing this passion with others. 


Come, join me, for a class or two … and prepare to also fall in love with barre….

my vision

Getting in shape should and need not be a torturous endeavor. There may be a sore muscle or two along the way, but I believe that getting fit should be enjoyed, not dreaded. I get to change lives for a living, which is not only a privilege but incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. My vision is to apply my barre+ experience to guide and encourage clients with their fitness training throughout the year. As a fully qualified and accredited barre+ trainer, I firmly believe in the positive benefits that fitness brings to all areas of our lives.


Are you ready to make a change? If you are not yet fully decided, why not try the 7 day free trial? 


Contact me for more info. 


and finally

Meet Joey, my residential mascot. Adorable Joey loves freshly roasted duck and medium rare steak. He also enjoys chasing bouncy balls and stretching, so expect him to make the occasional guest appearance during live classes. 

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