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if you are looking to:

  • regain your fitness, increase your energy and improve your health
  • actually enjoy your workout
  • be part of a community of like minded women
  • achieve real results
then ibarre is for you.001.png

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Have you ever tried barre+?

Are you looking for a workout that makes you feel energised without the boring cardio routines that require you to jump around in order to raise the heart rate? Do you want to achieve muscle definition, feel graceful & elegant, yet strong?

barre+ combines ballet inspired moves with elements of pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. It is low impact, kind on the joints but high intensity. It works all your muscles, even the ones you have forgotten.

barre+ helps strengthen and tone your muscles without increasing bulk. It can dramatically improve your posture and flexibility. In addition to building strength, this full body workout also develops agility and flexibility. Your core will be greatly challenged as it will be engaged throughout the entire class.


barre+ is like marmite, you will either love it or hate it… come and find out if ibarre+ is your marmite!


classes for all tastes

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live streaming and on demand classes

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basic barre+

body barre+

body barre+

basic barre+

basic barre.001.png

This class delivers a low impact full body workout suitable for all ages, fitness and ability levels. You will improve your strength, endurance and flexibility. Use of equipment is optional.

streaming every monday and thursday

This class will help you build and strengthen your muscles, whilst working on your core strength and posture. Props are optional but if used, add an extra dimension.

streaming every tuesday and wednesday

A powerful combination of barre+ and traditional weight lifting. This class is low impact but high intensity. This is our signature class and expect defined muscles in no time!

private class only

A short sharp burst of pure barre intensity in a 25 minute session. Each session will focus on one specific body part! abs, glutes, and upper body on a rotating schedule!

available on demand

hear it from our members:

"feel good about yourself"

“Carla’s barre classes are super tough, but they make you feel good about yourself after finishing the session. I do the classes on demand as they fit in with my day. I like that the exercises are hard and focussed, there’s always ‘just eight more’, ‘don’t put your foot down’ and ‘one inch higher’. The pace is fast, and a 45 minute session gives you a really good workout. My bottom is always trembling afterwards and my thighs and core ache for the two days. No pain, no gain. I am hoping to look like Carla by next summer!” Cara D

"challenging yet achievable"

“Carla's classes are fab. Just the right balance of challenging yet achievable and always different. Carla is encouraging, motivating and always makes you smile! The live zoom classes keep me motivated as though it's actually in person. I've never managed to stick with online classes before but haven't missed one yet which says something. Would highly recommend!” Catherine M

"Carla is so enthusiastic"

“I love joining the ibarre classes because Carla is so enthusiastic that as well it being a challenging workout for the whole body, it’s so good fun and a great mood booster! A variety of class times accommodates perfectly to fit around my full time job. I would recommend ibarre to anyone!”Elisabeth D

"I can't recommend barre+ highly enough"

“I am extremely grateful I decided to try barre+ with Carla. I have always been a weight lifting, hiit cardio gym bunny: so never thought barre was for me. How wrong I was! I regularly lift heavy weights and yet I have never felt my glutes and quads activate like they do in a barre class. The classes are challenging and extremely well explained. I cannot recommend barre+ highly enough. My new favourite workout for toned slim legs!”Emma B

"you'll definitely be grinning"

“Carla’s barre classes will make you sweat and shake! But you’ll definitely be grinning too! She offers a range of different style classes and will suggest modifications (if needed). As a first timer to barre, the workouts are easy to follow and it's amazing how such small movements can have such a huge impact! Carla’s infectious energy will keep you going all the way through the workout!”Emily W

"she pushes you to do more than you thought you could"

“Carla’s classes are awesome! She pushes you to do more than you thought you could. Whenever you think you can’t do another set, she says ‘just one more set, promise’ and you find yourself carrying on!" Barbara B

classes suitable for everyone

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Logo web.png

monthly subscription

  • access to 4 live streamed Zoom classes per week

  • unlimited access to on demand video library of pre-recorded classes

  • free initial consultation

  • access to ibarre+ mobile app and ibarre family groups 

  • monthly subscription

  • subscription can be cancelled anytime

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45 minute private class

  • personalised support and unique tuition customised to your needs with interactive classes via Zoom

  • individual instructor assessment and guidance to achieve ideal posture and  muscular balances

  • ideal for those who want to push to the next level


about me

Fitness has always been a big part of my life. I qualified as a certified and insured YMCA Fitness Instructor in 2003, I used to consider myself a “gym bunny” until I suffered a blood clot on my leg several years ago. Not being able to exercise for 6 months seemed like a life sentence at the time. This, combined with my busy schedule, inevitably led to not exercising becoming the norm in recent years. Whilst I have always remained active (I am not good at sitting down unless it involves the sun, a hot pool and a good book), my passion for intensive fitness training faded over time.  


I accidentally stumbled upon barre which reignited my passion for exercise and it came back with a vengeance! This specialised workout technique not only taught me how to work my muscles in a completely different way but also inspired me to participate in an 8 week intensive fitness and nutritional challenge with my other half. During that time, I had the opportunity to meet some amazing inspirational coaches who, without even realising it at the time, inspired me to share my love for barre with others. 

As a registered barre+ trainer, I am passionate in everything I do and enjoy sharing this passion with others. 


Come, join me, for a class or two … and prepare to also fall in love with barre….

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